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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
I Geek You
April 7th 2012 7 comments

This article has been written by guest author Yasin Demir who is the founder of WoW Items store. It's an overview of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. What it brings, what it takes?

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has come to the end. Some says it is the best expansion of World of Warcraft. Because revamp of the old world and the changes in raid system are succesful while other says Cataclysm is a big disappointment due to being very easy and lack of...
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Windows Vista and Your Internet Connection
August 7th 2011 0 comment
People got angry with me when I wrote that it was best to stick with Microsoft. When you have Google Chrome doing it's thing and Internet Explorer doing it's thing, problems don't go away. How can things get better when you keep adding on conflicts? Get the main source straightened out and stick with it. Nothing is perfect and upgrading is like an experiment when things are new. You know that it has something to do with Windows when you start getting false messages that something is wrong...
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Dishonesty of Teachers and Students
August 4th 2011 0 comment
In the last few months, teachers or administrators in different parts of the country have been caught cheating according to the news. It is said some schools had been shut down. I always knew sense 2nd grade back in the year of about 1980. Some people did not believe me when I told them about the dishonesty of teachers. I began to notice when my 2nd grade teacher kept me back in 2nd grade for nothing. I made the highest on the California Achievement Test in the class. I made the highest in...
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My Blogging Progress
February 10th 2011 0 comment
For a long time, I have been blogging. Believe me, it hasn't been easy. I have been writing with writing programs and have not had much luck in a monthly income. Writing programs pay very low. You can get 100 views on an article, and you may only get 2 cents. One of your articles or topic might be popular but not by views. You may get 5 cents more for it. I think that writers should get paid for their views. It might be better just to blog on your own personal blog or site. You can now...
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Socializing on the Get Paid to Write Sites
August 19th 2009 0 comment

Most of the time, we think of Facebook, Digg, and Reddit. These are social sites. You may find yourselves not posting much to these sites after awhile, but when you join a get paid to write site, it might turn out to be your best social site. There, everyone knows your style of writing and what to expect from you. Everyone knows what you write. You find yourself making friends and fans. Get paid to write sites could be your best social sites.

With Facebook, Digg, and Reddit, you may run...

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Google Videos
March 8th 2009 0 comment

It seems that Google Video is really YouTube. I think that they should be different. People use the YouTube videos in their article writing. It may take about a few weeks or a couple of months, but you will find the video removed. Your page is stuck with a black blank square. The viewers can still read your article, but they have no video to see what you were writing about.

Google Video should have videos for people to see that will remain online forever. People should be able to use them...

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Are Social Sites Helping You
February 5th 2009 0 comment

Are social sites helping you? I don’t see what’s so great about them. Joining a social site is like another writing job. You might join lots of groups. The next thing that you see is tons of emails in your inbox for you to answer. You, the writer, would like to write and post for all of the world to see and leave it there while you are starting another article. Maybe you do not have time for too much socializing.

Later on, you may find that there is no one clicking on your articles....

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Where Are the Newspapers Going
January 18th 2009 0 comment

Where are our newspapers going? It seems that newspapers are leaving our news stand and turning into an online version for the internet. Some newspaper owners seem to be going bankrupt, and I always wanted to see my own newspaper in a book store or up on a news stand. However, newspapers seem to be going out of style, and it’s all because of the internet.

On the internet, you can get news quickly through Google News, online newspapers, and maybe even on your mobile phone. There are even...

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Chitika, Inc.
December 30th 2008 0 comment

Chitika is a great ad program company like Google Adsense. However, it works differently than Adsense. You can use Chitika with Google Adsense on the same page. Publishers and advertisers can use this program. You can use Chitika Ads with more than one website and all kinds of content. You do not get your account cancelled easily as long as you follow their rules. If you use Google Ads with Chitika Ads, your revenue will increase. Chitika Ads are pay-per-click. They are different sizes.


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Stick With Windows For Your Computer
December 6th 2008 0 comment

If you have Windows Firewall on your computer, it is best to stick with that firewall. It is best to keep your Windows Firewall on because it is made for your computer. Downloading personal firewalls, spyware, and all sorts of security may take over your computer if you don’t set things right. Downloading too much security may clash and fight. Some of your best Window services and programs may become blocked. It all depends on what you are downloading from the Internet.

It is just my...

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