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In The Word Blog

October 3rd 2008 0 comment

Often, I share my thoughts on the Bible, Christian entertainment, and more at my blog I really wanted In the Word to be a Christian cartoon tract magazine. There has been so many ideas in my head and trying to figure out how to put it all together. So, I began to practice on greeting cards. Hopefully, the more cards that I make, the more the ideas will fall into pages for a magazine. There is info that I may use for my blog, and art I may put together from my greeting cards.

It's not always easy trying to keep the blog up to date, but it is fun posting and thinking of things as much as I can. There are sermons to share, old Bible movies to compare with the Bible, art, audio, and more. I find that there are tons of interesting things to share after I post a few things first. Sometimes my blog is just a blank white space starring at me, but when it comes to the word of God, it is always new. It will never grow old. 

When I leave the blog to rest, the old info helps me get an idea on what I should keep blogging about. We need to find out what the viewers are seeking the most on our blogs. The Bible articles might be at the top of the list, and Christian entertainment and art might be the second best. In the Word is a blog that seems to introduce the word of God in many ways. When knowledge is hard to write, artwork may be shared. It is said that a picture can express a thousand words. 


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