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Chitika, Inc.

December 30th 2008 0 comment

Chitika is a great ad program company like Google Adsense. However, it works differently than Adsense. You can use Chitika with Google Adsense on the same page. Publishers and advertisers can use this program. You can use Chitika Ads with more than one website and all kinds of content. You do not get your account cancelled easily as long as you follow their rules. If you use Google Ads with Chitika Ads, your revenue will increase. Chitika Ads are pay-per-click. They are different sizes.

The great thing about Chitika Ads is they do not show up on your site if people come to your website or blog directly. Some people are bothered by ads, and it's great that they do not show. However, the ads will show if someone comes to your blog through a search engine. The ads have a little search box to search for a particular thing if the viewers are searching for something.

When you put Chitika Ads on your site, you will not even see the ads at first. The only way you will see the ads is to use their preview tool. That way, you can see if your ads are showing up at all, and you can see if everything looks right. You put the Chitika on your site by copying a code and pasting it to your blog or website. 

Chitika is a great company because they answer you when you have questions, and they will work with you. They are always interested in what you have to say, and that makes working with them a whole lot easier. It's simple and easy anyway working with the ads. You can get things going in no time. Just grab your code, paste it, use the preview tool, and you are all set. They have a short video to show you how things work also.

I signed up with Chitika not long ago. I have earned at least a dollar. You can see your reports and how much you have earned on their site. To make even more money, you can sign up for their referral program. They have different size banners for you to choose from. If you sign up with Chitika, I am sure that you will love them. Just go to


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