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Socializing on the Get Paid to Write Sites

August 19th 2009 0 comment

Most of the time, we think of Facebook, Digg, and Reddit. These are social sites. You may find yourselves not posting much to these sites after awhile, but when you join a get paid to write site, it might turn out to be your best social site. There, everyone knows your style of writing and what to expect from you. Everyone knows what you write. You find yourself making friends and fans. Get paid to write sites could be your best social sites.

With Facebook, Digg, and Reddit, you may run into some trouble. Your articles may not get rated. Comments are good but you may not receive any. On get paid to write sites, you find many people writing in your favorite category. It’s easier to find people just like you for some reason. Maybe because it’s all about people who write, and with sites like Facebook, Digg, and Reddit, it’s about everybody posting everything. Some people make an account just to go in and make trouble for everyone. They are not there to post, but with a get paid to write site, everybody has to write in order to be paid. They are doing what they are supposed to do. They don’t have time to bother anyone else. People busy writing have a goal in life that they want to reach, and that is to be good writers. Some of them want to start a career in it.

When it comes to socializing, I like to socialize in the get paid to write sites because I write. Writers understand each other. You may find someone that has had the same experiences as you or has your style of writing. People in writing sites give good advice and help each other. That is what makes a great social and writing site. On regular social sites like Facebook, it’s really not all about writing. They are mainly about just meeting people and making friends and posting links. You don’t have to write anything. However if you want to socialize with other writers, it is best to join a writing site. People can overlook your writing in a regular social site that has everything you can name to post. Too many people are there with too many things to see and say. To me, there is a big difference in what I call social site and social write. I’m not saying that you should shun the regular social sites. It all depends on what you are about and what you like to do. You may be able to draw a crowd on a regular social site. Not all of us have received that gift.


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