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My Blogging Progress

February 10th 2011 0 comment
For a long time, I have been blogging. Believe me, it hasn't been easy. I have been writing with writing programs and have not had much luck in a monthly income. Writing programs pay very low. You can get 100 views on an article, and you may only get 2 cents. One of your articles or topic might be popular but not by views. You may get 5 cents more for it. I think that writers should get paid for their views. It might be better just to blog on your own personal blog or site. You can now submit your blog to directories and social sites to earn cash for your views.
When I blog on my own blog, that is where my biggest passion is. I am starting to make many friends and followers. I have more freedom on my blog. It's better to design your blog and write whatever you want to write. I have not found it easy to make income with ad programs on my own blogs, but I am making progress with it through other publishing services. Maybe it is because they have more traffic and a much more popular site. Since I have been joining blog communities, I have more page views.
When it comes to putting ads on your blogs, I think it is better to use text ads like Kontera or Infolinks. I haven't heard much complaints about account suspension because of click fraud with these programs. I have made a little or no cash with text ads so far. It takes time and patience. Earning a dime from a click was never a favorite thing for me. It would be better just to have a blogging job. That way, what you earn is more guaranteed and worth your time. You would always earn at a certain time just for blogging.


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