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Dishonesty of Teachers and Students

August 4th 2011 0 comment
In the last few months, teachers or administrators in different parts of the country have been caught cheating according to the news. It is said some schools had been shut down. I always knew sense 2nd grade back in the year of about 1980. Some people did not believe me when I told them about the dishonesty of teachers. I began to notice when my 2nd grade teacher kept me back in 2nd grade for nothing. I made the highest on the California Achievement Test in the class. I made the highest in my math group and was never put in a higher math group. Certain students were talked about and given a bad name. If teachers just didn't like you, they got away with keeping you back for nothing. Teachers had picks and some of them were prejudice.

In a community college, I noticed that there was dishonesty. If you took a test and you knew that you passed it, the teacher would tell you that you flunked it. They wanted to put you where they wanted to put you anyway. Then what was the point in going through the trouble of taking the test? They always gave you the run around about classes. If you took a class that was needed the first time around, the second time around it did not count as much. It was crazy. If you were a straight A student in one class, the teacher would tell you that you were suppose to take a class before that one. If you made straight A's in that class, what was the problem? It shouldn't have mattered. It was too late anyway. Students began to whisper and say it was all about money. People played dumb and moved on.

When Students Cheat

Sometimes students cheated on test when it was impossible to past. When I was going to school, sometimes teachers did not give you a test on what you studied. They gave you questions to challenge you, but I think that was very wrong and irritating. Students were struggling as it was, and it was already hard to past the class if you were not smart in a particular subject. Some teachers knew that the students were cheating. They would not bother you unless they caught you. Some students were hurting because they were flunking. Some of the teachers did not have the gift to make the students understand what they were teaching. Sometimes the subjects were boring. You didn't realize how smart you were until years later. When you look back, you see the mistakes teachers made and how you could have done better if you had the right teacher to bring it out the best in you. Teachers taught you how to memorize, and you did not know how you were getting your answers. Especially on subjects like Algebra. They taught you shortcuts. Teachers claimed that they did not have time to really teach you the way they should have. Cheating was wrong to do, but sometimes it seemed right if you did not want to flunk your grade while others passed cheating.


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