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Are Social Sites Helping You
February 5th 2009 0 comment

Are social sites helping you? I don’t see what’s so great about them. Joining a social site is like another writing job. You might join lots of groups. The next thing that you see is tons of emails in your inbox for you to answer. You, the writer, would like to write and post for all of the world to see and leave it there while you are starting another article. Maybe you do not have time for too much socializing.

Later on, you may find that there is no one clicking on your articles....

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Stop Lying to Get Money
November 1st 2008 0 comment

People need to stop lying to their families, on their jobs, and in there business. People lie, steal, and cheat a lot when it comes to money.

I joined a paid email program. I wasted about $10 for gold membership. Some months after I joined the program, I started getting a number of emails that someone was referred under me. There was a long list of names under me with zero emails read. Only two people read a few emails, and I made a few cents from them. In addition, I was tired of...

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Cod Liver Oil
October 10th 2008 0 comment

Cod Liver Oil is Good for Your Ailments

Having allergies is my number one problem and sinus. I use to sneeze about a hundred times when I would wake up in the mornings feeling a cool draft. Sneezing really disturbed me and made me loose sleep. My stomach would feel so sore because of the pressure of sneezing. If I wasn’t sneezing, I was having problems with my sinus draining. It felt like something was sitting on top of my head, one side of my nose was stopped up, something wasn’t...

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Goats Milk
October 10th 2008 0 comment

It is said that goat's milk can cure or is good for a lot of things. I was told that it cured someone who once had the rickets long ago in the old days of a poor family. The rickets is a disorder of the bowels. The doctor put that person who had the rickets on goat's milk, and he was cured from it.

I use to drink cow's milk up until I was a teenager. When I reached my teenage years, I could no longer drink cow's milk. It really upset my stomach, yet, I could still eat dairy products. I would...

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Christ's Sandals
October 7th 2008 0 comment

What does it mean to see the feet of Jesus in a vision standing on water wearing sandals? According to research, the sandal is a  very important cultural and status symbol. It is a biblical footwear. Some sandals were made of wood and fiber, some leather, and some were made of badger skin. It is said that wealthy people often wore sandals made of badger skin. The shepards needed a tougher sandal to wear outside in the fields. Most sandals were made with hard leather soles and were made with...

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