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Goats Milk

October 10th 2008 0 comment

It is said that goat's milk can cure or is good for a lot of things. I was told that it cured someone who once had the rickets long ago in the old days of a poor family. The rickets is a disorder of the bowels. The doctor put that person who had the rickets on goat's milk, and he was cured from it.

I use to drink cow's milk up until I was a teenager. When I reached my teenage years, I could no longer drink cow's milk. It really upset my stomach, yet, I could still eat dairy products. I would stop drinking cow's milk for a month and drink it for a week. After that, I felt nausea and sick. I did not know what was happening to me. I loved cow's milk. It made me healthy and fat. I was sad that it was making me sick. So, I tried low fat cow's milk. It would not bother me for a while, and then I felt sick again.

When I heard about the goat's milk, I began to buy canned goat's milk. I thought it was going to be awful, but it was not bad at all. It had a teeny tiny different taste than Carnation canned milk. You have to add water to canned goat's milk because it is very thick. Sometimes I heat it up and add honey. Before I go to bed at night, I drink it. When I have a bad cold, it seems to help me to sleep.

Milk is very healthy for you. We need milk and especially babies. It can reduce the risk of  diseases in babies. Milk can be made into ice cream, butter, and yogurt. Especially cows milk. I think it is used mostly to make ice cream, butter, and yogurt.  Some people cook with milk. However, if you are allergic to cows milk, try goats milk.


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