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Stop Lying to Get Money

November 1st 2008 0 comment

People need to stop lying to their families, on their jobs, and in there business. People lie, steal, and cheat a lot when it comes to money.

I joined a paid email program. I wasted about $10 for gold membership. Some months after I joined the program, I started getting a number of emails that someone was referred under me. There was a long list of names under me with zero emails read. Only two people read a few emails, and I made a few cents from them. In addition, I was tired of answering so many emails for a penny. That is a lot of work for one cent. Then you may sign into the program and receive payment to click. Still, I was getting nowhere for one cents. If it had not been for the bonus that I had when I signed up, I would not have made as much money as I did. It is all a lie folks. It is best to find a job or something that will really pay you for your hard work. If you sign up for some of these get paid programs, sometimes you can make too much money. Then they do not want to pay you. It is a waste of time.

Right now, a data processor so-called program owes me at least $800 for answering a number of questionnaires. I answered them and then bam! There was nothing. They do not really have their website anymore. It does not even look like a website that welcomes people to join. They are a scam. I began to realize that when I had trouble logging into my account and not being able to see my earnings. Many people joined that program and are still waiting for their money. You had to pay a fee to join. Where are the scam patrols when you need them? Sometimes reporting them will not do any good either. They have your money and are gone.

So, what good is it going to do to lie? When you lie to get money, you fail in the long run. People do not want to trust you or deal with you. So you have a couple of thousands cheating, lying, and stealing. Now what? Those few thousands are not enough. You have to make some more thousands so you will not have to go to work and be rich. Now, people have quit on you, and you have to think of something else. However, if they recognize you, know your name and face, forget it. Nobody wants you. You have bad business.


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