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Are Social Sites Helping You

February 5th 2009 0 comment

Are social sites helping you? I don’t see what’s so great about them. Joining a social site is like another writing job. You might join lots of groups. The next thing that you see is tons of emails in your inbox for you to answer. You, the writer, would like to write and post for all of the world to see and leave it there while you are starting another article. Maybe you do not have time for too much socializing.

Later on, you may find that there is no one clicking on your articles. You may have about 5 hits on one article that will remain only 5 hits for weeks. Your article may never make it to the front page on Digg, and you only have one or two votes on it.

I once joined the site, Reddit, and someone kept picking at me about my articles. He made sure that my articles stayed down on votes. While this person was making sure he kept my article votes on zero, I was still getting paid from his visits. He would say cruel things to me and told me how much he hated my work. Then why was he visiting my work? My work could not have been all that bad, and his wasn’t all that great. This person was trying to tell me what and where to write as if he owned Reddit. Silly rabbit. Tricks are for kids.

There are so many social sites to choose from. With all of the social sites you joined, the search engines may be your best bet. Search engines could help your content. Most of your traffic might come to you through search engines. When you are dealing with social sites, your articles might not do well if you are not interested in pleasing everyone with a comment. Even if you were, there is still no grantee that people will be interested in your articles.

On most social sites that I see, I see lots of articles on politics. I’m not interested in politics at all. There are articles on politics that makes it to the front page. Politics seems to be one of the most popular categories. If you are not the type that is social, do not join a social site.


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