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Football Player Hershel Walker and His Personality Disorder

October 11th 2008 0 comment

Hershel Walker is a pro football star. He has a personality Disorder called dissociative identity disorder. It is a multiple personality disorder. Hershel was angry, unhappy, sad, and he didn‘t know why. I think we all get that way sometimes in our lives. Hershel did not learn about his order until 10 years ago according to CNN news. Sometimes he would threaten his wife and his personality would switch. He could be violent and he could be sweet.

I think Hershel’s mental illness is some type of depression. He didn’t know why he was sad and unhappy, but something made him unhappy. Sometimes things can happen in our lives and can cause us to change. Something can happen in our lives, and we think it doesn‘t bother us. Somehow something hurtful to us can stay in our subconscious, and I think it can be a problem we need to face and solve. Some things stay locked inside. We can block some things out and that’s not good. There is hurt and pain that can build up inside. When we get angry, we can be dangerous if the hurt and pain remains too long. That’s why it is always good to talk to someone. If we don’t, depression can take over our lives and can shorten our days of living. We might try to take our own lives and can become very confused.

When Hershel said that he didn’t know why he was sad, I believe him. Sadness, hurt, and pain can cause a person to be very disturbed. It can cause a person to be so disturbed that he doesn’t know that he’s changing into someone else. The sad and hurt person can change you. What makes you sad can make you angry. The violent person comes from anger and the sweet person may be the real you. What I think is happening is all of your emotions can become different people in you. You may switch back and forth. It becomes a mental illness when you can not control it.

I pray that God cast out all of those demons that Hershel is fighting that is not him at all. We all have demons to fight and through God we can win.


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