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My Inube is Released! Ekibi
November 18th 2007 6 comments
After a long beta stage, My Inube is just released. The most important point of My Inube is that you can earn money through this portal. As you can remember, we have just announced Inube Revenue Sharing Program. This revenue sharing model is admitting of your earning commission from advertisement revenues of your blog. Now we add a new feature to Inube Revenue Sharing Program: My Inube Write&Earn!

You can submit your completely new articles to My Inube Write&Earn program and earn money from this articles. If our moderators accept your article to My Inube, we pay 0.50$ for each article. In addition, you go on earning money from your articles which are still being read. We pay 20% commission of advertisement revenues by the unique pageviews of your articles. Your earnings are being calculated and then added to your revenue sharing account in the next day.

Let’s write the most powerful content! And let’s create the biggest portal of Internet!


I tried to read revenue sharring programme agreement ,but due to some other language I was not able to read it.Is there anything else then this article in that agreement,please tell me
15 years 4 months ago  0
Dear drjignesh,

As a result of Inube's being a multilingual service, we sometimes overlook the translation errors. I'm sorry for this mistake.

We will translate the updated agreement as soon as it's possible. Thank you for reporting us this problem.

CEO, Yeacon Ltd. (Legal owner of Inube)

15 years 4 months ago  0

I love the idea of the write and earn program and advertisement. It seems that I am having problems submitting my articles under the write and earn advance options. But that shouldn't matter should it? When I signed up, I signed up for the write and earn program.
15 years 4 days ago  0
Dear Gblog,

Thank you for your thoughts. We are developing our services day by day. When some features of Inube (e.g. Write&Earn or Blogs) are under maintenance, some temporary errors may occurred. At present, there is no problem on our system.

My Inube Write&Earn program is beneficial for bloggers who want to get paid by their blogs. It's just the power of the pen.

Thank you for choosing Inube.

14 years 11 months ago  0
can u tell me detail about revenue much i can earn and how??
14 years 7 months ago  0
can u tell how it works and is it free
11 years 3 months ago  0

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