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Windows DVD Maker

October 24th 2008 0 comment

Have you had problems burning your files to DVD for your DVD players? Using some DVD software is terrible for burning DVD's. Before I used Windows DVD Maker, I could only burn one video to a DVD to make a DVD for television. Whenever I burned my videos to a DVD, it took entirely too long. When I was done, the video sound would sound like Mickey Mouse. Now I have no problem with the Windows DVD Maker software.

When I started using Windows software for DVD making, I didn't have a problem. Windows DVD Maker is cool. You can add as many video files as you want to and make a DVD copy for your DVD player. You have an option to make a menu. When you play the videos back, you see previews of what you copied playing. You can see the words play written on the screen of the menu, and then you can mash play. The picture and sound is beautiful. It's just like a store bought DVD. 

Still, it takes a while for the files to burn the more videos that you have. You have to sit and wait patiently for the videos to encode. You will hear a period of silence. If you didn't know that your copy was being made, you would think that the software was not working. A message appears on the screen of your computer to let you know that the software is encoding. Then suddenly, you can hear the DVD spin in your computer, and the message on your computer screen lets you know that the DVD is being made.

If you have Windows Vista, you have Windows DVD maker. There is no need to look for a DVD software. Windows DVD Maker is the best so far.


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