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Stick With Windows For Your Computer

December 6th 2008 0 comment

If you have Windows Firewall on your computer, it is best to stick with that firewall. It is best to keep your Windows Firewall on because it is made for your computer. Downloading personal firewalls, spyware, and all sorts of security may take over your computer if you don’t set things right. Downloading too much security may clash and fight. Some of your best Window services and programs may become blocked. It all depends on what you are downloading from the Internet.

It is just my opinion that people should stick with Windows for their computers. However, it makes more sense to me to keep the programs that were made for your computer. Other programs can work against your computer and become outdated. There is always Windows Update for your computer, and I think that is a good thing about Windows. There is also HP updates which is made for your computer if it is HP or Compaq.

You may be use to Windows XP, but when you discover Vista, you will find that they have so much to offer and installed already on your computer. For example, before you look for a program to make DVD’s for your videos, look for it in Vista. They have something called a Windows DVD Maker. That is just one example.

Stick with Windows for your computer. I think that will keep your computer lasting a long time. Do not have too much security protecting your computers. If you stick with Windows, Windows Update will keep you up-to-date. It will up-date your computer to what your computer needs.



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