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Where Are the Newspapers Going

January 18th 2009 0 comment

Where are our newspapers going? It seems that newspapers are leaving our news stand and turning into an online version for the internet. Some newspaper owners seem to be going bankrupt, and I always wanted to see my own newspaper in a book store or up on a news stand. However, newspapers seem to be going out of style, and it’s all because of the internet.

On the internet, you can get news quickly through Google News, online newspapers, and maybe even on your mobile phone. There are even news blogs to visit. You do not have to run to the book store or stop by the news stand early in the morning to get that newspaper. That may upset the ones that are use to getting their newspaper. People that have to have their newspaper to read the news are addicted. It’s like having coffee every morning. Some people still do not know anything about computers or internet.

If newspaper companies go online, will they make as much money as they did with the regular newspaper? We have online ads, but will online newspapers be successful with them? How many more ways can they make money? It is said that most news sites earn their money through advertising. The best and most popular program is Google Adsense. It seems every one is relying on them.

Newspapers are flying away. Some will land online and some may just disappear. I really don’t want to see the newspapers go. I’m going to miss using them to burn my garbage or to cut out news clips for strap books. I even used them to wipe down and dry my glass doors. People love their newspapers.


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