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Google Videos

March 8th 2009 0 comment

It seems that Google Video is really YouTube. I think that they should be different. People use the YouTube videos in their article writing. It may take about a few weeks or a couple of months, but you will find the video removed. Your page is stuck with a black blank square. The viewers can still read your article, but they have no video to see what you were writing about.

Google Video should have videos for people to see that will remain online forever. People should be able to use them for their articles and reports. I think Google Video should have music videos, news, movies, and documentaries for education. Videos can be very useful. Google Video should be an encyclopedia of video information. For example, if you missed a performance of Michael Jackson on the Grammy awards in the 80’s, Google Video should have it in their list for you to see as many times as you want to. The reason is, Michael Jackson was so famous back then, and seeing him on the Grammy awards is one of the most unforgettable entertainment times of Grammy shows.

There are interesting documentaries that you may have missed or have seen only once. Maybe you would like to see it again. Maybe you would like to see a documentary about the real Dracula. There are some people that did not know that there was a real Dracula. That would be an awesome video for Google to keep online forever.

I think everybody loves a great movie. Maybe there are old movies that you would like to see again. You probably can think of a million of them. How about “Sinbad”? There may be some newer movies that you would like to write a review on and to show in your articles. You want to use movies that will never be removed unless your article is removed.

Have you ever thought about watching some highlights from your favorite basketball team? Maybe you want to see Michael Jordan again in sports.

Whatever it is you want to see as many times as you want to, I think Google Video should have it for you to see without ever removing it. I think the videos should be very clear as well. Google Video should be another site for video, and you tube could continue the way it is.


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